Sunday, 24 May 2009

Shorts Story + In My Back Pocket

Do you know why I love the OPI Paige Brights? It's beacause they are pretty much the colours used on NJ (apart from taupe and the red). So I am really wanting to get that blue and purple soon :D

Here are two that I got from Ronna at Sterling Nails, Shorts Story (pink) and In My Back Pocket (orange).

I have only worn Shorts Story as a full manicure, but took it off because it just didn't look right over gels. They look ok here don't they? :P Two of them came off last night. But they were 2/3 that were still there since last time, so I think it was about time that they got lost.

I used one heavy coat of Zoya's Get Even to hide all my bumps and lumps, followed by two coats of each colour.

They applied really nicely, very pigmented.


  1. Hi! just to tell you that I speak about your blog on my blog. If there's any problem just tell me!

    Have a nice day!

  2. I like the polishes. Looks pretty good. I'm sorry to say that the gel nails are awful. I hope they will get better. I guess it looks easier than it really is.


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