Thursday, 28 May 2009

RBL Square Pants

"Put Me Somewhere I Don't Wanna Be, Seeing Someplace I Don't Wanna See, Never Wanna See That Place Again"

I think I saved all my really favourite songs for last hehe.

Here is Bikini Bottoms counterpart, Square Pants.

I was also not too keen on it, but looking at the photos now... what was wrong with me?! Maybe i'm just lusting after my nails lol.

I used three coats here. Sqaure Pants doesn't really need a ridgefiller like Bikini Bottom.

I'm pretty impressed with Rescue Beuaty Lounge, but they aren't any better than all my other polishes. I think I also read somewhere that all RBL polishes need to be wearable at two coats to wear the RBL name. Don't quote me on that, but these two certainly don't qualify.

Aaaaaaaaand GO!


  1. Hidden-Innocence28 May 2009 at 07:46

    Is this Pushit again? =)

  2. is this a trick question? it's Pushit again!
    i love this color, but i'm afraid it's too sheer. Also, I can't afford it. I found a perfect yellow the other day in Nordstrom, I will have to go back and get it at some point...

  3. Don't know this song, but I love this colour. I have Essie Barbuda Banana (which I love), but the jelly finish on this draws me in...

  4. Love this color. I bought it when they had the sale. I haven't worn it yet. Your nails look so pretty.


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