Tuesday, 5 May 2009

NJ's Dally

The news made me feel sick tonight. Some stupid.... *refrains from swearing*, people, hacked off some kittens back paws. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!! Seriously, there are some messed up people. Now the kittens have to have their back legs amputated :'( It makes me happy knowing that my cats have never had to experience any sort of cruelty (well maybe having to wait 5 minutes for some cat food).

Please donate to any animal helping associations. They don't deserve to be treated badly!


Could you believe that this used to be OPI's Time-less Is More?

This is three coats of Dally. Dally is made up of:
  • OPI Time-less Is More
  • OPI DS Shimmer
  • Essie Mesmerize
I think together they made a really beautiful shade. Mum loved it too, so I tried frankening another but a little different... No holo sparkles and add a wee bit of Misa's Pour Me Something Tall And Strong.

I love this and can't wait to show you the res of NJ's Summer/Springs!


  1. Poor kittens :( I hate hearing about those things. I wish I could volunteer at an animal shelther but I'm not 18 yet. Shouldn't anyone responsible enough be accepted to help out!? :[

    I don't think I've ever used OPI. I'm going to go look around for some. The color looks so good!

  2. beautiful color!! It reminds me a little Caribbean blue-China Glaze...

    So nice for summer! ;-)

  3. how horrible! the poor, poor kittens! :( i hope they get those little wheels attached to their hind legs now. atleast they will be able to walk.. i have seen them, they are quite helpful.

  4. I hate animal stories like that, stupid, idiotic people. Someone should cut their feel off. I do German Shepherd dog rescue and some of the stories...don't get me started. Agree...everyone do what you can to help. On a brighter note, your polish is stunning. Nice job :)

  5. poor little ones, it is disgusting that people could do something like that.

  6. OMG!! HOW could ANYONE do something that HORRIBLE to such a cute little helpless thing?! Oh, they better back of if I meet the bastards who did this! :@

  7. God how revolting. I think there is a serial killer in the making. I agree and wish someone should cut off their feet. But we don't want to be as barbaric as them. Hope they get found out and punished severely.

    The color is beautiful. Looks like Caribbean water.


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