Monday, 11 May 2009

"My Shadow, Change Is Comin' Through My Shadow"

This one is really old lol I've been saving it for now!

It's quite similar to the other designs I have done. Don't worry, they aren't all like this :P With this awesome nail art stuff I have.... WOOHOO!

What I used:
Color Club Where's The Soiree?
Konad White
China Glaze Devotion
China Glaze Secret Periwinkle

I really liked this manicure when I just had the top stamps on. I will have to re-produce it to show you :)

Now tell me Tool fans or (cheating Googlers :P), what song is this from?!!?

Also...If anyone can tell me something special about all the posts when the two weeks are up, bonus prize!

And the song:


  1. wow! great job and the tool song is forty-six & two.

  2. Woohoo! First winner! :D I will note in down in my book k? Congrats April!

  3. Love this! Sadly I didn't recognise that song, I only have Lateralus in my collection...

    What konad plates are these?

    Would you mind if I featured a link to this competition in a blog post this week to advertise it to some Australian girls?

  4. Enamel - I will find out for you at some stage... Feel free to link away! :D

  5. Thanks! I should also mention I'm Michelyne on MUA... my comments usually come up with that as my name but for some reason it's not. Oh well!

  6. Forty-Six And 2! I knew without cheating, woho!
    Great design, I love you "Tool's"!

  7. ooooooooooh it's very beautiful i love it !!!

  8. This is a gorgeous manicure. Love that Konad plate design. Love the black polish.

  9. lovely!

    I'll give you something very personal to match your nails and your interest for lyrics.

    A long time ago I spent a student year in USA. I had a favourite swedish poet, and I translated this, to share among friends:

    Not even a grey little bird
    Who sings in the green tree,
    There is on the other side
    And that seems sad to me..

    Not even a grey little bird
    Not a flower to see anywhere,
    And yet, on the prettiest day of spring,
    It has happened, I've longed to be there.

    Nils Ferlin- ca 1930

  10. Hidden-Innocence29 May 2009 at 09:11

    way too late, but forty six and two =(

  11. one of the best tool songs ever!
    have you ever researched the theory of 46&2? it gets confusing. lol


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