Saturday, 16 May 2009

Music Month Update!

Hey guys, because I'm the biggest idiot ever, I cut my nails as short as they could go because I am getting a set of gels on Monday. And I would rather cut and file them myself... I know where it hurts etc.

I just realised now that I can't do beautiful music inspired nail art on these things. So... to compensate, I am going to post regular colours that I have saved and attach a lyric to those.

Phewee, I did my first set of gels yesterday!

Me and one other girl have only passed everything so far and attended everyday, so my tutor decided to treat us :D So kind.

She had originally decided to treat us with tip sizing, but we couldn't do that all day eh. So she moved us on to gel. It took a little while to get used to moving the gel around on the nails and creating the arch.

They looked really pretty in the end! So my tutor asked if I would like my nails done, I said yes and she arranged it. I am pretty excited.

Why am I not worried about more etching and filing on my nails? Because they are the worst they have ever been. I've put it down to how many times they have been buffed and filed in a short amount of time. They have been peeling, splitting, tearing like there's no tomorrow! And because they are so damaged, I have been so very tempted to bite them. For a former nail biter, you know that isn't good. So easy for me to slip back into it.

This is why I wear polish and nail art everyday. To remind me how pretty they look, don't ruin them!


  1. hey steph! i wanna see your nails short! pretty please? with a cherry on top? pleeeeaaaassseee? they coudn't be that bad, anyway! :)

  2. I'm a former nail biter too. You probably won't remember but some time ago I remmeber commenting here that your nail display posts inspired me to stop biting and grow them.. that was till a few days back when I gave in and bit them short. Boo.

    I look forward to hearing about your gel nails and seeing them.:)

  3. i just stopped biting my nails 6 months ago and no matter what i use or do they split, crack, and stay thin! nail polish makes them a little bit stronger<3

  4. I wondered why you would consider gels. I guess the state their in you have to. Can you show your naked nails to us? My nails were really peeling. I've been using ridge filler and taking Biotin and so far they seem better. I just cut the last bit of peeling off. I hope they won't start again.


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