Saturday, 30 May 2009

Let's Grow!

Seeing as there were quite of few of you who would like to participate in a nail growth programme, I decided to make a banner for it in the midst of cleaning my sty of a room :D

Here's what you will need to get started:
  • Some sort of treatment/strengthening base coat suited to your nails e.g. peely, splitting.
  • A file. But not one of them really thin ones that comes in a pack of ten or a cardboardy type one. Glass/crystal files are really awesome!
  • Some polishes that you know you love and never let you down.
  • Determination to get them looking beautiful.
  • An account for MSN, add and if you are able to send a message with the invitation to add me put something like you want to join the Let's Grow! programme. If you forget, that's ok :)
  • A camera (optional) so we can see your progress!
Here's what will happen:
  • We will have weekly meetings. I will try and figure out which day works out best for everyone and what time. I know the timezones will probably be a big issue so we may have to do another day as well for when I can be up in the morning n_n
  • We can help eachother out :D Especially when you bit that nail and hate yourself for it (been there a million times)
  • We can talk about what products are and aren't working for us.
  • Make a goal for you.
Shall we try and make a meeting for tomorrow at 12pm (my time, lunchtime)? Just to sort out who's doing it and what you want to achieve ♥


  1. I'm there! I have an MSN account already that's similar to my blog name. I'll add you tonight! Very excited.

  2. I forgot to ask, what time zone are you in for tomorrow's meeting? Thanks!

  3. Cool! I am in +12 Wellington, New Zealand :)

  4. If my calculations are correct,12 noon at +12 Wellington, NZ is 8pm Eastern US time (the night before!). Can anyone confirm that?

  5. Hidden-Innocence31 May 2009 at 00:58

    tomorrow you mean sunday right? =)

  6. Hey I found your blog a few days ago, loved everything I've seen so far. I read your post about how the gels are damaging your nails but I didn't have time to comment on that one. I'm definitely joining this group, as I have worn gels too (for almost a year!) and my lovelies need help ASAP. I will add you on MSN. :)


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