Saturday, 23 May 2009

India + M71

This is what I wore for my first aid course :D A lot of the beauty therapy girls were fascinated with the idea of stamping (Konad).

I used two coats of OPI's India Mood For Love and Konad's White polish for the design along with plate M71.

I love M71, favourite plate ever. Mum also loves her one!

Who else has been dying for some swatches? *raises hand* I have cravings to paint my nails, so I do, but it looks like crap straight away over the gels... so I take it off. I cannot wait until my course is over so I can have these lovelies back <---


  1. So cute!
    Love the pink background.

  2. cute! i want my nails done XD

  3. I love this one! The combination is really pretty. :) I'm really craving m71.. can't believe they're not selling that plate here yet.

  4. Yay, a swatch! A lovely one too. Beautiful pink polish, and so good with the Konad stamp!

  5. That is such a gorgeous pink. Your manicure is lovely with the Konad.


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