Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"I Know The Pieces Fit, Because I Watched Them Fall Away"

I really loved this manicure and was so sad that I wasn't able to take pretty photos of it. Stupid night time.

What did I use?
  • Color Club Where's The Soiree?
  • China Glaze Devotion
  • Little silver nail art balls
  • Holo hexagons
Firstly I applied two coats of Soiree, then applied a little dab of OPI's Rapi-Dry (mini form) on the middle of my tip, dipped my dotting tool into the Rapidry brush and picked up the hexagon and placed it accodingly.

Then I continued to do that for each silver ball. They are not connected, do not be confused ;)

Tell me!
What song are these lyrics from!?

The song:


  1. schism!

    i like this, it's cute. It looks like they would be dangly!

  2. Uhm, that's a Tool song. Maybe Schism?

    The nails are gorgeous!
    Almost reminds me of a corset.
    So hot!

  3. I agree with Phyrra that your nails look like a corset. Very pretty look. Looks very sexy looking. Woo Hoo!

  4. Damn! Too late... This was the song that got me into them!
    I have always been too scared to use rhinestones and stuff cos I figure I'll bump them off.

  5. Sexy looking! That was also a lot of work you put into this mani! Thanks for sharing!

  6. omg! this is AWESOME! you must have a lot of patience to stick so many tiny ballz! the hexagons look really nice. better than the hearts and all we are used to seeing.

  7. Tch This was the one day your boyfriend was supposed to win, since it is my favorite song and all!!

  8. one of my fav mani's you have done!! very creative Steph!!

  9. Damn, I was too late! But I knew the song anyway. :) Love this mani!

  10. Hidden-Innocence29 May 2009 at 09:09

    Schism =)


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