Friday, 15 May 2009

"I Don't Want It! I Just Need It!"

I know this one is a little OTT, but what the heck!

What I used:
  • Color Club Where's The Soiree?
  • China Glaze Awaken
  • Konad Plate M71
  • Silver Craft Stars
Tell me Tool fans, what song are these lyrics from!?


  1. stinkfist by tool!
    my ex bf listened to them but I am not a huge fan so I could be totally wrong , but I love the nails :)

  2. How very festive!! Funky!

  3. Aww yeah Stinkfist lol that is one of my fav. ones as well. Very striking.

  4. This is SO COOL! How did you manage to attach the stars and keep them there?

  5. stinkfist!

    aww.. its been said already:( man your blog readers are quick!:D

  6. too late, but as others have said the lyrics are from Stinkfist (by Tool).

    This one is crazy, I like it. Can you actually wear those stars around or will they just pop off?
    I like how you combined diff looks in this one.

  7. stinkfist but im at a different time zone so when i check sm1 already answer:(

  8. Stinkfist! Damn I'm always too late! I know we're one different places on earth so maybe I should wright when I know now one is awake. ;)

  9. WOW that looks straight of a runways, amazing.. you have so much talent!!!!!

  10. Hidden-Innocence29 May 2009 at 09:05

    could the song be stinkfist?

  11. Freakin' awesome, love it!


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