Friday, 1 May 2009

China Glaze Sky High Tops

Man I cannot wait for that sleep-in tomorrow!

Here is a *fantastic* blue, Sky High Tops.

I used two coats here. Application was great, easy and smooth. I had no clean up to do. I am loving China Glaze's formula on these Kicks.

Just looking at it now, it sort of reminds me of Color Club's Pure Energy. But I know for a fact it isn't as bright, or neon as Pure Energy. Pure Energy also has a bit of green frost... it should be floating around here somewhere on NJ :D

Just a heads up on the May Music Month comp:
  • There will be a different nail art each day with a lyric from a Tool song, and the first poster to tell me what song it's from wins a prize! :D
  • I will be doing this every weekday for two weeks.
  • Also, I would like you to send me in nail art manicure that you have made. Preferably music inspired, but if it looks cool, send it in! You could win the big prize!
If you have any questions, just ask n_n


  1. Oh I have the coolest music mani planned... When do entries close? It'll probably get done late next week...

  2. I love that color! I just got mine in last night and cannot wait to go home and try it tonight.

    I also got OPI - Hey! Get In Lime! since I have been told is a close dupe to the MAC Peppermint Patty nail polish. But I cannot compare the two since I missed out on the MAC polish. :(

  3. nail polish and Tool, doesn't get much finer than that! ^^

  4. That's a gorgeous colour - you must have the steadiest hand as well - that perfect with ho clean-up? Wow!

    I'm afraid to say that Tool is a dirty word in our house at the moment as we cannot finish the Tool gig on Guitar Hero! Brilliant idea for a competition though!

  5. *oops, I meant "no" clean-up!

  6. It really is amazing! I can't wait for your Tool manis!

  7. Fantastic color and looks good on you. Great idea for the manicures.


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