Thursday, 21 May 2009

China Glaze Custom Kicks

Holy cow, I almost just deleted this whole thing lol.

Ok, I thought I should post this sooner rather than later as it doesn't photograph properly and you may end up disappointed like me.
It looks like (and photographs like) a gorgeous turquoise with gold shimmer right? Mm, wrong. Take a look at the last pic that I photoshopped. It's a tiny bit of a deeper green, but that's the shade it is. Not turquoise, ok?

Application was awesome. Lovely formula. It was nice and thick, not like a horrible thick, but thick as in... 'isn't sheer or runny'. I like it!
This was found with my other two Kicks polishes as well, Sky High Tops and It's Poppin.


  1. are there supposed to be lyrics somewhere?? I can't see it! also, i LOVE this color, I'm going to buy it as soon as I find it

  2. Such a pretty color. I love the shimmer in it.


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