Friday, 10 April 2009

Where's The Soiree? - Part II

One of my favourite shades, also the colour I chose to use as the base colour of our Tool mani :D

This is just two coats here. Where's The Soiree? is really cool because it dries half matte/half shiny. I like that n_n

It applies really nicely for a dark shade. If you want some tips on applying polish, Mini Blog (on the left side of the blog list) has some great advice! I should do one soon too :)

Stay tuned for Part III! I have a different part scheduled every hour and ten minutes :D


  1. Sorry I have to post this here but i don't know how to PM...

    anyway your application of colour is really good, because there's an even gap between the polish and your cuticles! I'd like to know whether you put it on like that, or whether you slap it on messily and then do clean-up later...

    thanks! and your nail art design is awesome!

  2. Oh thank-you! I try my best to apply it like that and do minor touch ups afterwards :) Mini Blog has an awesome tutorial on application, not exactly what I do, but its a good way! I can make up a tutorial when I get home tomorrow :D

  3. oooh thanks for the help! It's really appreciated :D

  4. I like that polish. I'll have to add that to my list of "wants". Good idea to have the tutorial.


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