Friday, 10 April 2009

Umbrella - Part III

Woo! On to the good stuff!!

So, here we are using China Glaze's Devotion on the umbrella design from plate M8.
We don't really want it to look like an umbrella, and those frilly edges and handle are a dead giveaway! So try to stamp those on your cuticle.

We also want the 'ray' design to be fairly centred. I know it can be very difficult to do this if you haven't had much practice, but a little off centre won't make a huge difference n_n

Also, we don't necessarily want the pointy tip on the nose of the umbrella. So to fix that, just don't put polish on that part of the design :D I was distracted and forgot about this part while stamping my middle finger.


  1. A great work Steph!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  2. What a brilliant idea! Love that you don't use the whole design. I'll have to remember that whenever I buy the Konad system.


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