Friday, 10 April 2009

Two Colors, One Design - Part V

We have our plate M8, our two colours, Devotion on the left and Secret Periwinkle on the right.

I put Periwinkle on first and a bigger blob than Devotion. Because the way I scrape over the design makes Devotion blend into Periwinkle, which also makes Devo's area bigger.
You have to be careful with which way you scrape over your design.

Do you want you colours to mix that way? Do you want that colour to cover more of the other one?

Feel free to ask questions!


  1. Great job you've done there !! it's SO beautiful and the pictures are great !

  2. Hi,

    You really are good with your nails. They are so creative. May I know if Konad the only brand that does this nail stamping thing? They mentioned only to use their exclusive nail polishes for stamping but I see that you does the normal polishes. Are there any difference after all?



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