Sunday, 19 April 2009


A reader, MrsKiwiYeti asked me how I stored all my stuff! (and yes, I am a kiwi ;) MrsKiwiYeti)

This is what my awesome parents got me for my birthday, probably not on the top of every 18 year olds list, but it was on mine! :D It was $150 from Freedom. And the little container with the cotton pads in it was $9. The only place that me and mum had ever seen one.

It has changed a little now as this photo was taken a little while ago.

Top Shelf:
- Treatments
- Top coats/base coats
- Remover/remover pads/earbuds
- Minis
- Untrieds
- Konad stuff (not pictured)
- Nail Art stuff (not pictured)

Middle Shelf:
- OPI polishes
- Special OPI's

Bottom Shelf:
- China Glaze
- Zoya
- Essie
- Misa
- Color Club
- Claire's
- Polishes up for swap
- All other random polishes

I layer each shelf with the anti-slip mat, helps them stop jiggling around and falling over :D The trolley fits everything I own with even extra space. I love love love it!!


  1. wow! i need to get a rack for my makeup and polishes too!

  2. It's wonderful, but mark my word, You'll need another one soon.. ;-)

    (Pixelpig - the owner of 2 almost full Helmer storages, a little weary to get a third..)

  3. Nice way to keep it all organized!

  4. That is very cool and superorganised! Funnily enough I bought 4x 5 litre clear plastic boxes today to srore mine in. And I'm still going to run out of space and need more boxes- eek.

    I've organised mine according to colour - one for red & pink, one for dark winter colours, one for brights, and the last one for nudey type colours.

    And now I've seen your trolley I have serious storage envy!

  5. Wow that is an amazing way to store your polishes. You can see everything you need. I want one of those!

  6. A professional storage ! awesome !

  7. NJ ~ Thanks so much for sharing that with all of us :} I knew you'd have a GREAT system!!! I'm also glad to see your huge collection... My husband is a Kiwi, and we have a house in Wellington we'll be moving to soon (currently we're in Kansas). I was a bit worried about being able to get a wide range of polishes in Aeoteoroa, but alas, you've quashed my fears! Thank you sweetie!!! If there's ever any polishes you want from USA that you can't get there, let me know, I'll be more than happy to send them to you!!!


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