Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Square Pants & Bikini Bottom

Don't they look stunning here?

I wore Bikini Bottom today and a got a few compliments on it, which I wasn't really expecting since I wasn't loving it 100%. You will get the review on that one later.


Today was day 10, still no sign of our t-shirts or student IDs. They seem really unorganised to me. It's costing me $100 a week to get there and home, with my student ID it would only be $58, so you can see why I'm a little pissed about that, eh?

Anyway, today we did another pedicure, I quite enjoy doing them lol. I really like doing the exfoliate and using the cuticle spoon (the spoon is used to cut the Pterygium).

I suppose with the exfoliate, I get enjoyment too :D and with the cuticle spoon, I can see that I'm actually making a difference. Oh I also love the painting, but I much prefer using my base coat and top coat.


  1. Yikes! You need to hit them up with the bill for transport! Bikini Bottom looks fantastic!

  2. this cuticle spoon you speak of.. is this tool available at drugstores or sally's?

  3. Nixxy - heh, I wish!

    Augusta - I have no idea what sallys stocks aorry :(, I haven't ever seen it in store, but then again I've never looked for it specifically

  4. Hi, where do you get these nail polishes from? I live in Australia and have no idea where to get em from!

  5. Hey! I received these in a swap, sorry :(


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