Monday, 6 April 2009

Nail Art: Dotty Rainbows!

I'm just going to go ahead and post this before Blueberry Crumb itself is posted, because we are on a dotting tool streak!

For the base colour I used Essie's Blueberry Crumb. My god. If you don't have patience for streaky, un-even, 4-coaters and don't own a ridge filler... Please, TURN AWAY NOW. Blueberry Crumb is just that. BUT! Ridge filler really helps with the streakyness and sheerness.

For the colours other than Blueberry Crumb I used my sisters paints that she had lying around. I wanted muted colours so I added white and yellow to most of them n_n

I'm off to do some more dotting!


  1. That is so gorgeous and creative!

  2. That is so gorgeous! You are so creative. I guess you are going "dotty" today. Sorry, it had to be said. Love it!


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