Thursday, 9 April 2009

OPI That's Berry Daring

Just when I am about to file my nails right down, I find a shade that makes me want to keep them at their length. This shade is OPI's That's Berry Daring. 

My sister, mum and I had a huge polish sort out today, lots of organising and trading going on. This was one of the shades my sister traded me. I had no idea that this colour existed until she brought it.

Do you know why I like it? It's the same sort of shade as my lovely
Morgan. You know how I love my Morgan. It is the same base colour but with purple and pink shimmer! It applies quite nice, a little runny though and it is quite sheer, my tips are still clearly visible at three coats.

The first photo is the most accurate, my camera wanted to make Berry Daring a lot brighter than it was n_n


  1. I like how glossy it looks, for sure striking! :)

  2. Very pretty shade. I didn't even notice the VNL till you pointed it out. Nice to have a Mother and sister to trade with.

  3. This colour is so pretty and "happy" colour :-)


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