Sunday, 5 April 2009

OPI Indi-a Mood For Love

I did it. I chopped them... so... short... but I am loving this colour! OPI's India Mood For Love, bet you can't guess what collection this came from, the name doesn't give it away or anything. That's right, the India collection.

India Mood For Love is one I have emotional ties with. One of my first OPI polishes and my Japanese home-stay, Yumi, wore it and loved it!

I used three coats here to achieve full opacity. It was a tiny bit thick, so I may add a drop of thinner into it. Otherwise it was lovely to work with...

Wait until you see my other hand.... X3 it might be staying on awhile... tee hee!


  1. your nails look beautiful at any lenght :) don't worry about them looking too short :)
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts that show us gals how pretty nail polish really makes a woman feel better about ourselves :)

    Peace and light****

  2. Oh thank-you! I am trying to love them... they are so practical at this length lol

    Not a problem Kat ♥

  3. Steph I wouldn't consider your nails short! Mine are so short that I don't have a free edge. They look beautiful and I love that shade on you. Very pretty pink.

  4. This is a great color. Looks good on you. Your nails still look lovely!

  5. wish my nails were this "short"! lol Seriously your nails look great.


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