Thursday, 23 April 2009

OPI I Pink I Love You NL H32

First of all I didn't really like this one compared to the other two on my nails. But then... I wore it on a full hand and I fell in love with it.

It reminds me of candy floss and ribbons. So cute.

I used three coats here and the formula was lovely. Not a problem with it. You could wear these Fairytale Brides as one, two, three or however many you like! They are very versatile ♥.

I was craving to try some sheers on recently because the hideous yellow nails weren't there to ruin the colour! :D


  1. Very pretty Steph. I like these shades. Much nicer than the Essie bridal collection.

  2. Thie collection so far is really pretty, I like OPI's soft shades in general. I think I've liked all of their past 4 softshade collections. Betond Chic, Princess Charming, Garden Party and now Fairytale bride. Can't wait to see the other colours!

  3. Lucy - hell. yes.

    Alison - I'm glad you are enjoying them :)


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