Friday, 3 April 2009

OPI DS Fantasy

o0o0o, this is one of those colours that makes me feel all giddy just looking at it.

Instead of wearing a boring red to the dinner party last night, I chose my beautiful Fantasy. My Aunties and Nana loved it! I'm thinking of getting it for the younger aunt as she gets acrylic nails and cares about her nails where as the others don't as much.

I was also asked a few times if my nails were acrylics or natural, and of course they were astounded by the truth ;D I always thought that my nails weren't that long, but after a few people asking if they were then comparing them to theirs, they felt like little claws lol. My little cousin Jack (who has just started school) was worried that I would scratch people all the time by accident LOL! And he wanted me to demonstrate how it would feel if I scratched his hand XD

I don't think I have ever scratched anyone by accident lol

Back to Fantasy! This is two coats here. Smooth like butter and so easy to control, much like Divine actually. Why can't more OPIs be like this?! Probably because then we wouldn't buy things like thinner and stuff to try and fix the polish haha.

I'm so excited for today! The boyfriend is checking to see if Peppermint Patti is out yet and if it is... He's going to get me one :D He is so kind, and lucky to be living in the city, I should be living there too next year n_n Weehee, that could be dangerous!

Right, I am off to make some Easter Egg nails!


  1. That's a hot color!
    I love it :)

  2. I love love love this color! You have such beautiful nails. When my cousin was little he used to just feel my nails and was fascinated by them. They weren't as long as yours. Hasn't your boyfriend ever asked you to scratch his back with your nails? I know men love it! Can be very sexy. Oh, back to nails. I don't have this one and I really have to get it.

  3. Such a ridiculously hot shade! Love it!

  4. I love every single DS shade... this is no exception! Looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Oh, yum! Definitely going to attempt a franken of this one day!

  6. Oh my, I just love this blue polish! Maybe it will go to my "to buy list"... :)


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