Monday, 6 April 2009

OPI Bleu-Blue

I took some better photos of this lovely pastel blue and also tried it over a ridge filler. I used four coats last time, and it was a little streaky and un-even in places. So ridge filler this time... and guess what? This is three *perfect* coats.

Bleu-Blue applies dreamy with the good ol' RF. A lot easier to control also!

I keep looking at these photos wondering why the hell I cut my nails off... they looked so pretty :( But they do start to curl in at the sides when I have them at this length, and the peeling on the sides I can't really fix because if I file them the sides go in too much... ok, I am convinced on why I cut them :D

I still haven't done any easter nails yet!


  1. Holy smokes, that's gorgeous! Do you know if it was released in the USA?

  2. It is n_n Sorry no, only Japan.

  3. Steph this looks beautiful on you. Only available in Japan is heartbreaking! I can understand your frustration when you can't get what you want.

  4. I prefer the shorter nails. They look nicer, and I think the polish and designs show off nicer, rather than a focus on nail length itself.

  5. Such a gorgeous color.
    BTW! Your links under 'Important Info' do not work.


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