Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nail Art!

This was a design that Aleesha did on me on friday. We got to do nail art at the end of the day :D

She was very clear that she wanted me to keep this on... but...
IT DIDN'T DRY (3 hours later) I had to scrape it off D: I had to pull the little beads off!

We usually get to play with the nail art stuff when we have just finished a manicure on someone and have some time to spare.

Yay! I have Wednesday off, so I will make up some swatches of these beauties:

Essie Greenport
Essie Sag Harbor
Essie Shelter Island
Essie Ruby Slippers
China Glaze Custom Kicks
China Glaze Its Poppin'
China Glaze Sky High Tops
OPI At First Sight
OPI I Pink I Love You
OPI Isn't It Romantic?


  1. Hidden-Innocence21 April 2009 at 07:40

    Looks awesome!! =)

  2. Pretty, but too massive for me :/

    I look forwards to seeing your swatches !

  3. are those just regular beads?

  4. Pretty manicure! Have fun on Wednesday.

  5. ya i agree with celine. it has been done well, but too bulbous, dont you think?

  6. Looks pretty, but waiting three hours? My patience would lack, a lot.. :P


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