Thursday, 2 April 2009

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

Essie's Love, Beverly Hills xx.

I used two coats here. It was *really* nice to use, a big plus for me with Essies. I may just keep it to remind me that there are nice Essies out there :)

Love, Beverly Hills xx is suppose to have real 24k gold infused in it, you don't see it unless it's sunny. Because of this, I was sorely disappointed when I put it on inside... the gold in the bottle just disappeared, but once I stepped outside WHOOSH there it is!

Please enlarge these photos, this size does nothing for them.

It reminds me of OPI's Sweet As Annie-thing! just with the shimmer/frost being more visible... Here is Sweet As Annie-thing!

I was going to wear Bev Hills for a dinner party tonight, but ugh, I'm sick of red. I only wore it for one day... but Red is something I can't take a lot in of at once lol. To me, wearing Red doesn't say "I'm a nail polish addict" (that might be a good thing lol) but it just seems... mainstream?


  1. I want Sims 3 too! Sims 2 used to be my addiction but I haven't played it in probably almost a year :S

  2. I've been debating on this one, it is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Sweetie,

    Well, I love the Beverly Hills red on you! It's classy! But reds aren't for everyone.... If you get tired of it, just send it to me!
    Along with all your Yokohamas!
    I know what you mean about nail polish fanatic, but I tend to be more conservative..I like when you post 'office appropriate colors.' I could be your Mum, and Mums have fun too!

    Love your blog, love your swatches.. you aways cheer me up.

  4. Oh... so beautiful! I know it's gotta be even better to see in person! I've been on the fence about this one.

  5. LOL I almost wore this one today. But I'm with you - red is sometimes just too much and a bit dull because it's expected. Makes me feel uncomfortable too for some reason. Anyway, it looks great on you, even if you did take it off.

  6. TAG - OMG! My sister and I had almost all the sims 2 games and loved them to bits, we sold them in order to get sims 3, then they delay the release >_<

    Nessa - Its quite spectacular!

    Sage - Oh thank-you hehe, I will have to send something to you for sure. My mum hardly ever wears appropriate colours lol which is fantastic, but yes, I try to cater to those who need those colours :D

    Velvet - Hmm if I saw it in person I don't know if I would pick it up, as it looks like a lot of other reds, but on, WOAH.

    Styrch - I am loving your pics on flickr!! I totally understand what you mean by feeling uncomfortable! It seems like the easiest colour to wear lol but for some, I guess not. Wear iiiiit~!

  7. Ugh, also disappointed about the pushed back Sims3 release. That red is one I'd dismiss or not give a go, but the pictures are quite wow!

  8. Red is not a color in the nail polish which says "hey, I'm a polish addict". I want people to react on my polish and think that I'm not just wearing a polish to look nice, but because I have a "thing" for polish.. I think this polish i kinda cute, actually. :)

  9. That is a beautiful shade and looks lovely on you. I think you could have cockroaches sitting on your nails and they would look beautiful. Please don't try it, ugh! lol. Reds are so in your face but also very predictable. I'm wearing revoolution and loving it.


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