Saturday, 18 April 2009

Color Club Pure Energy

I apologise for the photos, there isn't too much sunlight before my course starts, but I did manage to find a little bit :)

This is three coats of Pure Energy. The application was awesome, went on smoothly, a little sheer but the colour builds up well.
I got a lot of compliments on it n_n

Pure Energy is from Color Club's latest collection, Electro Candy. Pure Energy is a beautiful bright blue, with frosted green shimmer. It reminds me of the ocean, it is also very calming to look at.

One lady that commented on it said that it's a shame that it's Autumn now so I won't be wearing it all that much... L.O.L. lady.

Edit: It is Formaldehyde free! Big 3 Free~!


  1. This is a very "cool" color. I like it and am interested in trying it.

  2. Oh, you're kidding? Someone actually thinks you can only wear certain colours in certain seasons??!!! Pshaw I say!
    You need the bright colours to warm you up in winter :)

    That colour is fantastic!
    I don't suppose it's free of formaldehyde or it's resin?

  3. Denny - Oh man, it's so pretty in real life :D

    Pyrrah - Me too!!

    Nixxy - It has no sign of formaldehyde!!!

  4. Great color, looks nice on you !
    Anyway, you can wear all the colors you want, everything looks well on you!

  5. Such a gorgeous color. I can't wait to order the whole collection. Looks pretty on you. Really she thinks polish is only seasonal. No way!

  6. Wow, it's gorgeous! I need this polish!

  7. Beautiful colour on this one!

  8. Whoo hoo!! Color club - come to meeee! :D


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