Tuesday, 7 April 2009

China Glaze Rainstorm

Oooh! Check out this one! Ronna's feature on Rainstorm pushed me over the edge and mum didn't like it on her so we swapped! Yay :D

I used three coats here, no ridge-filler here. I was contemplating because it is a little sheer but not streaky at all! So it's ok just by itself. The formula was very nice and easy to work with, but then again it is the older formula.

Rainstorm is a beautiful periwinkle with light blue shimmer (that also turns purple inside!) and blue glitter. I really like the blue glitter in Rainstorm, it's really different, you don't see this around much. You can see this in the last pic!

I think Rainstorm may be a part of China Glaze's main collection? I'm not really too sure, I just figured as it's an oldy but not discontinued.


  1. Looks beautiful on you. I just added this to my wants list. Love the shimmer in it.

  2. Thank you very much Lucy. It looks stunning IRL

  3. My thought have gone back and forth sbout this polish and I still don't know if I should order it or not.. It's very beautiful, though.

  4. Oh! I was also like that for awhile :)

  5. Ok, now I see the shortness of the nails. Somehow in the last few posts I couldn't see it and I was thinking, 'why does she keep talking about how short they are? They look practically the same!' But now I see the light! Don't worry, they look fantabulous long or short. :)

  6. Wow that colour is so pretty, especially with your skin tone. Is it as glittery as Blue Sparrow?


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