Saturday, 25 April 2009

China Glaze Its Poppin'

One word. WOW.

I think It's Poppin' is my absolute favourite from the Kicks collection (well from what i got anyway). Poppin' is right up my alley, a beautiful hot pink packed with shimmer... or is it frosted? I can't really tell lol.

I had no clean up what so ever to do. Look at how neatly it applied! I really really wanted to wear It's Poppin' to my course for a couple of days, but wearing polish when we're doing mani's isn't that good.

I have just two coats here. Complete coverage in two. The formula from the Kicks that I got were all quite thick. Not a hard to use thick, but thick as in... you can be done in two coats and it's easy as to use.

Please enlarge the photos to see it close-up! :D


  1. I love pinks more and more these days. I can't wait for these to be carried locally, coz I'm too lazy atm to buy them online ;P

  2. You get "gaps" really good. I have never seen anybody as good!

    This seems somewhat okay-ish to me compared to other pinks. But its pink got to love it!

    I wonder how this would go on toes? Do you do toes too?

  3. I love pink polishes and this one's beautiful! Not the most amazing polish, but definitely beautiful!

  4. Do you know is "its poppin" similar to OPI Flashbulb Fushia or Pomelli Purple?

  5. Pretty hot pink and love the shimmer. Can't wait to see your frankens.


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