Saturday, 7 March 2009

Nail Art: Watermelon Anyone?

I had this great idea of doing a watermelon mani, but once I got up to doing the seeds stage I had no idea what the heck I was doing.

I started off with a red base, Zoya's LC. I proceeded to use China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle (original version) for the tips. I freehanded these...

Then I used Black Onyx for the seeds.


  1. That's so CUTE! The first thing I thought was "it's a ladybird mani!" so maybe you should label it that and no one will be the wiser :)

  2. Ok, I actually think this is cute. I definitely thought ladybug as well!

  3. haha i like how the seeds on the pinky are totally different from the other fingers. I think this is cute. personally, I like black tips but I think green tips would be more watermelon-y

  4. it's not so bad! but it looks strange because the thin white line between the green rind and the red watermelon pulp is missing...

  5. You are a riot! So adorable. I love the manicure. If i had it on my nails I'd be tempted to take a nibble. It's one of my favorite fruits.

  6. Really cute!! LC looks gorgeous, will have to pick it up :)

  7. Nixxy - Haha! I will have to do that ;D

    Phyrra - Oh good :) TY

    Jen - I kind of screwed up.... lol they are green, just a very dark green :)

    Leo - OMG!!!!! I knew something was missing!

    Lucy - Hehe I have never tried it before

    Vanessa - It's a great red :D

  8. i recently did a watermelon mani :) must be the spring air down here in Miami. I used a pink (ie was pretty bright) and also a bright green for the tips. people were very receptive as them being watermelons :)


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