Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nail Art: Parabola

Another Tool inspired manicure. This time by the songs Parabol and Parabola :D

It kinda looks like shooting stars... lol Sorry for the crappy photos, it's really hard to capture chrome/holo/silver all at the same time while the sun is setting :)

For this bundle of joy I used:
1. Two coats of OPI Black Onyx.

2. Used Devotion with a Konad tip design (will find out which when I get back home)

3. Used OPI's DS Shimmer over three quarters of the tip. I was going to use Sexagon instead but I tried both over blakc and Sexagon is much more dense.

4. Stamped little umbrellas on the right side of each nail. I was a little unhappy with some of the results as you could totally see that it was an umbrella... so...

5. Used that lovely swirly design right on the edge of my nails, covering the spikes of the umbrella!

6. Applied little stars with some top coat, then applied top coat over the whole nail n_n

And here is the awesome video of Parabola, the song doesn't start until 1:05 :D 


  1. I need a good black polish in my collection. The one I have isn't a "true black". It's kinda grayish-black. I think a black creme polish is in order.

    I am so jelly of all of the perfect konads I see in the nail blogosphere. Mine won't act right at all!

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  3. wow that's great!!! LOVE it! just like the tool mani - awesome :D

  4. WOW you get better and better each time! Still waiting for that 'Tool' tutorial :0)~

  5. oh man your SOOOO good at konad!!! i juz bought a set recently n i sux at it haha..cant seem to get the polish on the stamp.. love seeing pics of your konad-ed nails, so pretty!!

  6. I think that is lovely. Great job, Steph!

  7. Oh my, I love that song! You're nails look totally awesome! I really like the design!


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