Monday, 23 March 2009

OPI Winter Wishes 2009

Ok so we are seeing pics of the Holiday collection before the Fall/Winter collection lol, I am not complaining! Any promo pics are good pics!

A lot of these colours have me excited! Escpecially the Ginger Bells, Sapphire In The Snow, Holiday Glow, Merry Midnight and Dear Santa...

Which ones are screaming "buy meeeee" to you? Or none at all?

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  1. Only Sapphire in the Snow, Merry Midnight and Holiday Glow look interesting. I feel like there are too many reds in there. I want some glittery snowflake colors!

  2. Those look promising, especially Shim-mery Chic, Holiday Glow, Sapphire in the Snow, and Merry Midnight.

  3. I am luvin all of the purple polishes. oh yeah!!

  4. Wow, how did you manage to snag that so fast? I'm all about the shimmery berries and purples. Yay!

  5. These look kinda boring actually...
    Or Maybe I need to see them on the nail I dunno?

  6. it's Christmas already?!

  7. Shim-mery chic, Merry Midnight, Smitten with Mittens & All A- Bordeaux The Sled are screaming "buy meeeee" to me LOL

    But we have to wait before loving them on our nails.... :(

  8. Hey Steph, I sent you an email yesterday. I can't get into your blog, as well as several of my readers at my blog too. It seems to be a problem with Internet Exp. users. Fire Fox users are still able to get on. I was able to get here through Blog Catalog.

    We can't get into your blog. The page loads and then a message pops up saying that internet exp. must close the page down that there is a problem.

    Just thought you might want to know so you can get it fixed :)

  9. OPI just continues with these red and pinkish polishes... They are pretty but I think I've seen them all already.


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