Tuesday, 31 March 2009

OPI Ulta Valentines Exclusives 2009

I thought I would combine these three into one post :D

I love all three of these pinks to bits... Don't Think Just Pink and Gotta Get Pink are very unique shades. I don't have anything like them! Well done OPI n_n

Although In Sync With Pink isn't really all that unique, but I believe it is a dupe to MAC's Something About Pink which was released with the Hello Kitty collection. I saw it in person not too long ago, the OPI was much cheaper and has a little more so I didn't feel the need to get the MAC pink.

Each pink was very nice to work with and has certainly earned a spot on my Top 20... I should probably do one of those soon :)

In Sync With Pink

Don't Think, Just Pink!

Gotta Get Pink!:


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I tried to click on the yokohama link at the bottom and it doesn't work. I am so jealous of all those beautiful japanese exclusives!

  2. Those are all beautiful! No Ulta near me, but maybe I'll spot them someday! Great 'pinks' collection.

  3. Don't Think Just Pink and Gotta Get Pink are trylu beautiful colors, I love them! Wish I had money to buy... :P

  4. I love, love, love GGP! I got it this past weekend, and I am wearing it right now. Thank you for posting it a while back. I am in love. Next on my list is Let Them Eat Rice Cake. :]]]

  5. Don't Think, Just Pink is a beautiful color. Your manicures are all pretty.


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