Wednesday, 11 March 2009

OPI Purple With A Purpose

Ahhhh, Purple With A Purpose. Never lets me down.

Today I wanted to wear something that made me feel good. But it also had to be something that I haven't worn for yonks. 

Just two smooth coats here :D I think I may have added a little too much thinner awhile back. The fumes are quite strong and it's a little watery. But all is ok, look at how pretty she is!


  1. LOVE this color! I'm always wearing pinks but this purple is a nice break once in a while. :)

    -Love your blog! You've definatly helped convince me to purchase a few different shades!

  2. Thanks for posting this color! I have this but haven't tried it yet. It looks gorgeous!

  3. woo i love this color too! but it somehow always looks dark on me. but i stil love it! great formula too!

  4. I love, love this color. Looks beautiful on you. I've added this color to my list. I haven't seen any swatches in this shade. You have beautiful nails and everything looks pretty on you. Thanks for your blog, I love it.

  5. I have this polish !!! It's so beautiful but a little more dark on my nails

  6. When I saw your blog, I was just applying this color on my nails ! what a coincidence ! On me it is darker that you, maybe you took the photo in "full" sun light. It is a shame that the sun is behind the clouds as I could not take a picture so that you could compare.


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