Monday, 9 March 2009

OPI On Collins Ave.

Beach mani number two.

I wanted to redo my nails seeing as I had my travel kit with me with some awesome colours... I had also found some really cute nail stickers for $2.

Mum decided to have a little revenge on me. See when I do her nails, she asks for a sheer pink, I give her a vampy purple. I wanted her to experience colours outside of her comfort zone, just to try them out. She's now buying vampies left right and centre!

So Mum decided she would choose which colours I use this time and what I should do with them. She chose OPI On Collins Ave. and Devotion for the polishes and plate M45 for the tip. I think she chose a pretty good combo :D

I also used some of the stickers I found for $2. I liked the overall result but I ended up picking off the stickers when I was bored... 

OPI On Collins Ave. is a very close if not head on dupe to Cajun Shrimp. Why OPI does this, we will never know. Collins applied quite nicely (two coats here) and quickly.

You know what I was really surprised to see? That the little beachy village chemist had the OPI South Beaches in! Even Smith & Caughy's in New Market didn't have them!

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