Sunday, 1 March 2009

OPI Love Will Blossom

I am in love with these glitters... I am thinking of getting the last two...hmm.

Anywho, this is Love Will Blossom. A nice subtle shade of pink with glorious glitter that shines every shade known to (wo)man! Sadly the sun was not out the day I took these so you don't get to see the sparklies. But Love Will Blossom is still very beautiful even when the sun isn't out n_n

Love Will Blossom also has a golden shimmer as well as jam packed with glitter! I used three fairly average coats here. It was quite easy to apply... the removal is the hard part.

For removal I suggest felt and alota remover! Usually I use one cotton pad for a whole hand... with this I used a cotton pad for each nail x_x I think having used felt instead would have helped me greatly.

I wore this for two days and not a single chip! I am impressed n_n


  1. That's gorgeous!

    I've been meaning to ask- what does it mean when you say "n_n"?

  2. Hehe it's just like a smiley face... like ^_^ but n's are used :D

  3. I'm guessing this beauty is disc. :(

  4. Its actually available!! In the UK and Japan.... but you can buy it off ebay for an arm and a leg :)

  5. aw man! damn OPI and their japan exclusives, that's so unfair! this is an awesome polish!

  6. Another beautiful color. Your nails are so pretty. You have a fantastic blog. Thank you.


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