Monday, 16 March 2009

OPI Have A Tempura Tan-Trum

So here is todays NOTD, OPI Have A Tempura Tan-Trum. A very light beige creme. I was looking forward to Let Them Eat Rice Cake's counterpart! and it delivered happiness also.

I used 3 coats here, it looks quite streaky at 2 coats and 3 makes it perfect. 

I really quite like it, not something I would usually wear, but it's a good 'safe' colour for whenever I would need one.

And why am I holding a bottle of foundation in the last pic? Thats what Tempura Tan-Trum reminds me of :) It almost looks pink compared to it! (If anybody's wondering its NW15)

I think I will wear a pink tomorrow, Pink always makes me smile :)

Have a lovely evening ♥


  1. i'm happy cause you feel better now. feel better 100% soon! :)

  2. hi ! I have made a list of my favorites blog on my blog and you're the first !

  3. this shade really looks pretty on your skin tone and nail length. ^^

  4. Glad to see you back :)
    This is such a beautiful soft and subtle color!

  5. Glad your part of the way there. Every polish looks beautiful on you! I add so many polishes to my list from seeing them on you. That is a nice neutral polish.

  6. Charlene - You are so sweet, Thank-you.

    tartofraises - Oh wow! I'll take a look!

    Clockwork - Thank-you! I'm trying to decide if I should let them grow or cut them lol

    Vanessa - n_n Thanks! hehe.

    Lucy - Thank-you! That is so kind of you to say that :) It is a very nice neutral polish

  7. Wow, it's great to have you and your beautiful pics back. Glad you're feeling better. Hoping that you will soon be 100% again. That's a lovely colour on you.

  8. Thank-you avroys :) That is so nice of you


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