Friday, 6 March 2009

OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia

What a week! 

I dropped into Smith & Caughys on Queen Street yesterday and they were having a sale on OPI for $12! It was only for the following colours, Moon Over Mumbai; Get Me To The Taj On Time; Flashbulb Fuchsia; Give Me The Moon and... I think that was it. 

S & C had endless supplies of these colours so they should be for sale for a little while. But Get Me To The Taj is being discontinued this year. So here is your chance if you are lemming it! The other colours aren't being discontinued though :)

As you can see out of the sale I bought Flashbulb Fuchsia n_n I have been picking this up/putting it back down for a loooong time in stores. So I thought I should get it while it is on sale. I am so glad I did.

The formula is perfect. No issues at all with FF. I used three coats here as it is a little sheer. Not heavily sheer... just enough to see where the tips starts.

The weather today is horrible for pics but the colour is pretty accurate :D


  1. That is gorgeous- I am so ready for spring and spring-y colors!

  2. What a beautiful color. Looks so pretty on you. Thanks for all the pictures.

  3. Sasha - Hehe! I can't wait for Autumn to really kick in :)

    Lucy - Thank you very much Lucy n_n I love supplying them hehe


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