Sunday, 8 March 2009

OPI DS Reflection

This is two coats of OPI's DS Reflection. It also has a lovely golden shimmer which has not been picked up by the camera on the nails. At least you can see it on the bottle :)


  1. lovelyyyyyyy!!!!

  2. Beautiful color. Looks very nice on you. I also have this color. I love the Designer Series polishes. I don't have all but almost all. I saw DS Glamour on another blog and it is a blue sparkle that I just have to get.

  3. This is a really pretty color. I like the pink in it ;)

  4. Doce - Hehehe :D

    Lucy - Almost all of them!? Woohoo! Glamour really is something everyone needs to try. Nothing else like it :)

    Phyrra - Lol I have to double check to see how to spell your name everytime. Hehe it really is pretty IRL

  5. Lol! Yeah it's not a common spelling.

    I just got a nail polish haul :) However, I've got strep throat and feel crappy, so while I want to change my nail polish, I'm lacking the energy. Good think that Ki and Amminah look so nice still :) No chips yet.

    Reflection just looks like such a nice rich pink color and I'm betting the gold adds that extra 'oomph!' to push it over the top ;)


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