Tuesday, 17 March 2009

OPI Blush Of Adrenaline

This is the pink I chose, a nice soothing peach... reminds me of milkshakes n_n

To my surprise early this morning, Dad handed me a package, I had no idea what it was. It was the lovely swap parcel from Sterling Nails! She had swapped me the final three Yokohamas I needed to finish my collection. Thank-you so much Sharonna!

Back to Blush of Adrenaline... I think Nicole makes/has made this shade and as white version as well. 

This was two coats. There is something that really keeps drawing me to this colour, I can never put my finger on it... Maybe because it's a calming colour? Who knows lol.


  1. ooh, so pretty!
    Is this color a HTF?

  2. Really like this, it is a nice sweet shade.

  3. Vanessa - :))

    gerry - theres a couple on eBay, but its a Yokohama :)

    Clockwork - me too :)

  4. So, so pretty. I love allyour polish color choices.

  5. There is no OPI Blush of Adrenaline here in the states that I can find, so I bought the Nicole Blush of Adrenaline. Not the same at all, fooey. It is actually more blah than Essie Ballet Slippers. No adrenaline at all, I wonder why the names are the same!


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