Tuesday, 3 March 2009

OPI Be Mine, You're Fine! Over Don't Think, Just Pink!

I finally used Be Mine, You're Fine! n_n

This is just one coat over Don't Think, Just Pink.

Now the trick to getting the hearts out of the bottle... You can do it my way or the toothpick way :D

My way: Stick the brush in and pull it out ASAP!! Don't give those pink beasts a chance to let go! Once you get the desired amount of hearts, apply to your nail n_n Simple.

Toothpick way: Grab a few toothpicks, stick them in the bottle, fish for some hearts and Bob's your uncle.

After using this polish I decided, I need the red version. 

Here is where I have bought the Glitters from: All Polished Up on eBay. She is a very nice lady and extremely helpful! She packaged mine and mums polishes up excellently and even threw in a few freebies! They are selling out fast and are limited Juicers! n_n


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