Thursday, 19 March 2009

Comparison: OPI Sheer Enchantment VS. Color Club Femme Fatale

Two polishes that I wanted to compare for awhile now, OPI Sheer Enchantment and Color Club Femme Fatale.

They look like they have similar sort of shimmer although SE looks really gross in the bottle. They both have pink/orange shimmer that changes to purple/gold. Very nice.

So here they are with one coat and two coats over Where's The Soiree?

4th picture has got its labels round the wrong way n_n;

Sheer Enchantment - Much less visable than Femme Fatale. It is more glitter like with the size pieces. 

Femme Fatal - I love this polish. I wore it over Morgan the other day... those two were made for each-other! Smaller pieces than SE and a lot more of them. I only used one coat of Femme Fatale on ALL pictures.


  1. Hey Steph. Nice comparison. I really like how Femme Fetal looks and Enchantment makes that black look more like what I was hoping for from a lot of these blacks with subtle sparkle. very cool.

    Just one quick observation though - it looks like maybe the labels in the third comparison picture are reversed.

  2. I will have to get Femme Fatale. Very pretty. The OPI looks like nothing compared to the Color Club. Thanks for the comparison.

  3. thanks for the comparison. I am almost out of my SE and was looking for a replacement.

  4. I actually have a polish that looks just like the Where's the Soiree with the Femme Fatale layered over it. It's by Petites and it's called "Black Amethyst". I found this little brand @ Target. I wore this color to a party last weekend and it was quite the conversation piece! I have since bought quite a few of the Petites and have not been disappointed yet. :)


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