Monday, 9 March 2009

Color Club Worth The Risque

NJ's first Color Club! And holy cow I am impressed!

The formula is perfect and its got none of them 'bad' chemicals in it. So Nixxy... please get these!!! I would love to see them on you :D

This is two coats. Two incredibly smooth coats. Two incredibly smooth, holographic coats. No top coat.

I did try on Revvvolution first... but looking back at the pics, they are pretty horrific. So I will try it again tomorrow, hopefully the sun co-operates!

I am so happy with the Color Clubs I got today! Over the moon with joy!

I also got:
Tru Passion
Femme Fatale
Ready To Wear
Where's The Soiree?
Pink Flame
Have a Tempura Tan-trum (OPI)
Mesmerize (Essie)
On The Edge (Misa)


  1. These are all soooo amazing :) Due to finances i had to limit myself to Revvolution but I am really wanting them all haha.. :) Looks amazing on your nails too!

  2. Whoo! I'd love to see them on me, too! #:D

  3. Holo-rrific and beautiful! I must purchase! I want every holo np ever!

  4. I bought Worth the Risque and Revvolution. I don't know which to try first. Looks so pretty on you. When I wear holos I find myself stareing at my nails whenever the light hits them.

  5. Where can you buy Color Club polishes? I've been looking around, but I never see them in stores.

  6. Lina - Oh I understand. Revvvolution looks amazing on you :)

    Nixxy - Haha! Sometime soon I hope ;)

    Nessa - Oooooh I once fell into that trap! I think I have about... 4 or 5 silver holos now! All just a tiny bit different lol

    Lucy - Yes! They are so lovely to look at in the sun :) Revvvolution is sort of a subtle holo. It isn't as strong as Worth The Risque.

    Natalie - I have seen them in a few nail salons for $22NZ x_x But I buy mine online from for about $5NZ :D


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