Thursday, 12 March 2009

Color Club Tru Passion

This nail polish has gone straight to the Top 20!

I used one coat of Tru Passion over yesterdays manicure, Purple With A Purpose. HOLY COW. It's like a party 24/7 on my nails! Love!

Application is great, really easy, but I would wear it over something else as it gives it more colour. It tends to look more silver-purple on its own.

Tru Passion isn't nearly as bumpy as the OPI Glitters. The glitter is much finer in the Color Club Glitter Vixens. 

Please enlarge the pics! ♥

I love it so much I don't know if I can bring myself to take it off :D

I'm definitely going to need more glitters now...


  1. Theyre a pain in the ass to take off. Sigh, thats the one thing stopping me from wearing them. Kudos to you! The whole collection is very pretty and straight up in your face blingy =)

  2. hehe yes they are. I always make sure I'm watching TV while taking it off :) Very pretty though

  3. I love this color!! So Cute!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful color :), I like Purple With A Purpose too :)

  5. I love glitters!! I don't think I can pass up a glitter nail polish when I see one. But I must admit, I do think twice before I put them on because of what a pain they are to remove.

    I really like this purple combo - looks really nice and blingy

  6. This polish is really beautiful!


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