Friday, 20 March 2009

Color Club Revvvolution

Revvvolution.  First pic os one coat of it and the rest are two coats, so I'm fairly positive that it will work with the Konad stamps well :) Might have to jazz up my Sweet As Annie-thing manicure with Rev.

A wonderful polish to work with, so smooth and opaque. Although a lot of people have been disappointed by Revvvolution, as it isn't as holographic as the others like Worth The Risque and Fashion Addict. I love it though, I think its great that it isn't as in your face.

I didn't use top coat here, so thats why it is quite glare-y. Top coat usually evens the shine out.

Have you bought Revvvolution? Did you like it? Will you be buying it? :D


  1. Bah - wish i could wear color club! Looks great on you :)

  2. I will be buying it! I can't get enough holo!

  3. Oh yeah, I got it over a week ago and haven't yet tried :-o I want to get my first impression in bright sun light and it has been so cloudy here in North Pole >:-(

  4. This polish is on my "to buy list". It's quite cool. ;D

  5. Count me in as one of the disappointed ones :( We had a few cloudy days while I was wearing this and I was unable to see the holographic-ness at all without it.

  6. I love this color. I bought it on my last polish haul. Can't wait for Lent to end so I can buy polish again. I haven't worn it yet.

  7. Hi!
    You also have OPI My private Jet... are the colors look similar ?

    Because OPI is out of stock at 8ty8 & not on-line at H2T, so if I Revvvolution looks like OPI, I could buy it ^^

  8. March 2009 at 02:21

    I love Revvvolution! I love holos :)


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