Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bloom Yeojin II

Um... what to say about this one.

I was disappointed that it just looks like black, I thought it might have the slight tinge of blue. Nope, it just looks like CC Where's The Soiree, about $20 cheaper.

One positive is that it would probably work with the Konad as it is very thick and opaque. This is two coats here, looks pretty much the same as the first but just fixes up places that could have been skimped accidentally.

It applied alright, but it is a little difficult to apply with its thickness. I'm thinking some thinner might tame this beast down.

I did do some Konads on it later (which you will see later) as black bases always seem to give me the urge to do some intricate designs.

I am thinking my nails need another trim. But I wanted to have them long for my courses introductory day on Wednesday... That brings another problem... what to wear?!


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