Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Zoya Sloane

Here is Zoya's lovely Sloane. Released last year.

It applied really nicely as most Zoya polishes do. I think Sloane is in between OPI Black Cherry Chutney and Eiffel For This Color. I'll be posting Eiffel shortly :)

This is two coats of Sloane. How are you supposed to pronounce Sloane? I'm saying it like Slow- oan. Like oan from moan... or is it supposed to be Slow- anne? Who knows :)


  1. My guess is sloan like moan.

    It's VERY pretty!

  2. My dog's name is Sloane!

    It rhymes with stone...

    That's her in my avatar :)

  3. Ooooooh its like stone but with an L instead of a T :D Thankyou guys!

  4. Yep, sounds like moan, if it's named after the area in West London that also lent its name to Sloane Rangers, a term used to describe an relatively upper class subculture that Diana, Princess of Wales was once a member of.

  5. Thanks so much for that Cali! Learn something new every day :)

  6. What more can I ask for. Beautiful polishes and an education! Looks so pretty on you.


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