Monday, 16 February 2009

Zoya Lianne

This is the lovely and bright Lianne.

Released in the ChitChat collection named after Beauty Bloggers.

It reminds me of oranges, constantly. 

Sadly I don't think it is a colour I can wear :( 


  1. Actually I like that on you. I think it works with your skintone.

  2. It's lovely and bright :D It looks really good on you, or did you mean you can't wear it for work etc?
    I am in lovel with Zoya at the moment, currently sporting Jo from Twist :)

  3. I also think this looks good on you. This color reminds me on the jelly orange slices. It's a yummy color. I've written this on my list of wants.

  4. Pixie - Really? Maybe im just not use to it lol

    Lina - Oh I want to try Jo so badly hehe! I just didnt think I could wear oranges that well

    Lucy - Oh your list must be pretty long lol

  5. i love this color very much.. i have ordered mine. Am not sure abt how it will work on mine (medium toned Indian Skin)


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