Sunday, 15 February 2009

You Give Me Butterflies ♥

I am in love with this Valentines manicure :) I think it had to be one of my favourites as I based my final one off this.

I used Zoya's Purity, three coats, as the base colour. Purity is a stark white, I mean STARK.

That was followed by China Glaze's Harmony used as the butterfly. Then two coats of Zoya's Bailey was used.

I love the look the Bailey created. It turned Purity into a soft easter eggy pink and made the butterfly look duochromey! How cool is that?!


  1. My God how pretty! How do you come up with all the ideas for the different colors? Just so sweet.

  2. I have no idea lucy, my brain just imagines all these different combonations, but if i can do them is the trick ;)


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