Thursday, 19 February 2009

OPI Pretty & Privileged

This was my favourite of the two 90210's I got. I thought it would have been the one I liked the least :D

I can see why some people weren't too fussed over it because it's a red. But this red to me is a very special one as I only owned 3 hehe. 

Pretty & Privileged is a deep red with red and pink shimmer. It also has tiny pink flakies which look spectacular in the sun. I really didn't want to take P&P off.

But when I did remove it, it was like a glitter! Leaving little bits all over my nails :D You would think that this would have been annoying but I was happy, there was something different about this polish. It's like glitter shimmer!

Please enlarge the pics to see what I be rambling about ♥


  1. I've been lemming this, and it's beautiful! Thanks for swatching :)

  2. I just got the 90210 polishes and haven't tried them yet. Love this one you swatched! I can't wait to try it now.

  3. Thanks for the pictures. A pretty polish but one I will be skipping. Thank goodness there's one I can miss. Looks very nice on you. All the polishes look so nice on you!

  4. Sasha - Yay! I hope you like it :)

    Lucy - Haha i'm sure your wallet will be happy :D

    Phyrra - Thanks n_n


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