Tuesday, 17 February 2009

OPI My Kind of Brown

As sad as I am to move the Tool mani down the  page, I am just as happy to show you this surprisingly stunning shade, OPI's My Kind of Brown.

This was three coats. I found this at a random nail bar in the middle of a mall. It instantly reminded me of bricks and I couldn't leave it there. I am very glad that I got it. 

As you can see, it's not really brown at all... Maybe a red with a bit of brown thrown in? Well thats what it definitely looks like when compared to Little Red Wagon. I did take a photo of the two together but it came out shocking n_n;

When I first tried it, MKOB didn't apply very nicely but I am positive it was because I had no base coat on. I applied some, it went on like butter :D

Alright, I've done a little searching around and I cannot find what collection this is from... are you able to shed some light? :D


  1. OPI My Kind Of Brown is from the Chicago Collection. The same collection that contains Lincoln Park After Dark. Someone correct me if im wrong. Hope that helped.

  2. i have never applied a base coat in my life! am i missing something?

  3. What kind of nail(/hand) cream do you use? if anything?

  4. oh i take absolutely no such care of my hands. i naturally have no cuticles (!) so the rest, i have never bothered about.

  5. Dee - Thankyou so much!

    Rima - Are you for real?! Well basecoat is to protect your nails from the polish, staining etc. You are one gifted person! :D

  6. :D
    i am planning to start using a basecoat pretty soon.


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