Tuesday, 3 February 2009

OPI Lilac I Care

Ooh there's those long nails again. This time sporting Lilac I Care. Another jap exclusive. If you love this colour then you are in luck! TransDesign has the Nicole form of it for sale :D

This is three coats. Application was lovely and smooth as butter. 

It's a shame because my camera didn't pick up the strong pink duochrome in this polish, but luckily you can get the idea on the bottle.

The duochrome in Lilac I Care reminds me of an aurora... so mesmerising.


  1. Ohhh; it's stunning! I want this!! :)

  2. Ohhh, I need that! I love colors like that. Gorgeous!

  3. Lina - I whole heartedly agree :)

    Vanessa - Will you be ordering from TD? :D

    Pixie - I can just imagine it on you!

  4. Steph - I would if shipping wasn't so darn expensive! Cheapest shipping alternative is $36...:(
    Will have to look around elsewhere I'm afraid.


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